6 things to know before you buy your sports bike (part 2)

To be continued part 1, in this part 2, we will have more detailed discussion on top six things to consider before buying the best sport bike, including how to select suitable chassis and the groupset for the bike. If you are looking for such guideline, please keep following and reading.

5. Select chassis

Material current framework includes the basic types are:

  • Alloy Steel
  • Aluminum alloy
  •  Carbon
  • Titan

In which aluminum is the most common material, because cheap, durable, stainless, mild. Carbon also in vogue at the moment, mainly used for road vehicles (race) because very slightly, but not enough hardness carbon as aluminum and more expensive so little use. Titan is also more expensive. Steel is fundamentally faulty and heavy rust should increasingly little interest, though, many companies still do reputation now beautiful steel slopes at very high prices, as surly or Vanilla.



In addition, the chassis is the most important parts of the car, and see the skeleton it is necessary to learn about the brand, lifetime and current status. Brand slopes, many to very long, multiple ribs looked simple, the strange effect, but its value is very expensive. Unlike spare parts, while rusted, concussions cause deformation, dented, cracked, broken ribs … still a very high service life, if you do not freak out the new problems the old, scratched (excluding carbon ribs).

Tip: You should look at the brand, then investigate Google, or ask to know the true value. Buying older cars as spare parts to view the current compatible when instead ribs or not.

6. Select groupset

The second half followed groupset important, as one group of the principal components of the bike, including the winning hand, between the axis, slugs, brake discs … Unlike frame with thousands of dollars, 3 universal groupset turns now every Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM. The Shimano alone product has a lot of levels.



  • For vehicles MTB: Brand Shimano groupset is divided according to the following steps corresponds to the quality and price, from low to high: Touney SIS, Altus, Acera, Alivio, Deore, Deore LX, SLX, XTR.
  •  For vehicles Road: Shimano groupset also is divided into the following groups, with the same order as above: Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura-Ace.

Overall, for the price of cars Road groupset expensive than for MTB, perhaps also because manufacturers have to pay attention to the group so that the weight of the lightest possible to each gram. So many road vehicle parts have material is carbon.

Of course, the higher the price, the more the quality and smooth motion, silent and durable materials are fine and more. In addition, the design is also one important part that the bike devotees spend money to upgrade the bike of his beloved. Below is an XTR groupset in 2012 for road vehicles.

Of course, not always just select a groupset, you can choose this dish a little, there a little dish, depending on preference and budget. The bike shop or bike carriers large and small so haphazardly assembled also to reduce the cost, or at the request of the vehicle owner. And a group of non-food is also very good and expensive, such as its hub NOVATEC, renowned for momentum, or FSA beautiful spring forks, brakes Tektro’s reputation, with the voice of Phil expensive knocking them backwards and crackling sound like the sound of cooing lovers love the new plots.

Groupset and chassis are considered as two of the most important parts customers should consider carefully before making their purchase. Hope that by this article, you can pick up your best one.

6 things to know before you buy your sports bike (part 1)

Like other products, bike is a multifaceted sport, and not everyone knows to choose exactly the bicycle they need. Here is an overview to help bike enthusiasts can understand and know how to select the best one.

1. Should I purchase a new completed bike, or an assembled unit?

Usually, the CBU has higher quality than assembled bike, considering the 1 configuration and parts of an assembled unit, as the completed one of CBU is much more genuine, especially with the chassis. But it is also very high price compared assembled vehicle.

From that point, the assembled vehicles are often used over time, have certain knowledge about the bike for users to confidently choose and assemble the furniture themselves to make a completed bike. Assembled vehicle has an advantage that you enable to assemble anything you like, for instance, if you love disc brakes then assembling them, the same as group set. Each item is selected based on individual needs. So the assembled bike expresses the characteristics of each player –from designing, choosing bike parts, and choosing additional gears, absolutely due to each preference.



One thing to notice is that once determining assembled bicycles,bikers you have sufficient knowledge to distinguish the quality of the slopes and the accessories are worth the money you spend or not. Tip: get more detailed information about the bike or gears you intend to buy or have experienced person’s help.

2. Should I choose a secondhand bike?

The secondhand bike is consumed in many countries, especially those in the Asia, very much. If you have little understanding of bike spare parts, then this is a good choice. If luckily, the user can get a good bike with very reasonable prices.

The advantage of this kind of bike is inlighted price, and can buy the reputation brands for only a few dozen dollars. Many bikers run out to buy a bike, just to get the ribs which their country does not have or not genuine. Secondhand bikes often have various prices; if lucky, you can buy one like that.

However, the secondhand bike is still just a usually second-hand or damaged bike that are fixed to sell so that the inner parts such as joints are broken that if we do not pay more attention to them,you will not realize right then, but when bringing into use,you do. In addition, because the second-hand bike often has some outdated parts, so the ability to upgrade later is difficult to fit new parts.

3. Select suitable type

In literally, the most general sports bike has 3 types: Mountain bike (MTB),Touring bike andRoad-bike.

The issue here is which one you like, regularly use and how long of the distance. If you have passion speed, and distance well optimal road vehicles, but due to light up the road bicycle chassis and tires weaker, if the terrain in the rugged stone chips or must be very wary. MTB is the opposite, good on the road, this bike runs very takes effort, but it’s very sturdy overcome any terrain. Neutralize you can select Touring-bike.


The frame you choose should have the right size, it will make you feel more comfortable and not be a tired while biking, or back pain.

In other words, to choose a bike with suitable frame, you need to measure the height and length from the crotch to the ground (inseam). Typically popular size for bikes MTB is S (16-17 inches), M (18, 19 inches).

However, it’s not rigid, if you choose anMTB bike; many people still prefer smaller bike size for easy lift when on the road difficult. With Bicycle Touring, medium size will be more comfortable.

6 bicycles for sports enthusiasts

Currently, more choice of sports bikes as a means of transportation in the city, combined with healthy exercise. However, many people do not know the sports bikes are divided into several categories, to suit each type of user object.

1. Road bike

True to its name, bike Road bike line is primarily designed for people who like to move around in the city. Vehicles designed to travel on flat paved roads, high-speed, small tires, narrow horizontal chassis, taut, smooth with the aim of minimizing friction;the saddle is designed for the purpose of helping riders to lean over the front. When riding this road bike, you can enjoy its high speed, but on the contrary, you are unable to go too quick on bad roads.



2. Mountain Bike (MTB)

This is an all-terrain vehicle, tire out, with shock absorbers designed to battle on rugged roads. The function of these vehicles on the road is a rugged, steep, jagged and rocky hole. Riding this MTB, you can feel free of anxiety issues flat tire, fall potholes, or driving on bad roads. You will not be afraid of riding through roads filled with rough rocks. Yet, as the weight of this type is the relatively heavy, wheels are a bit huge, so riders need to use much energy. This is not the type concentrating on speed so that the travel time will be a bit longer.



This bike does not have the speed as fast as the Road bike, and the posture is a bit inconvenient. You will have higher seat with the straight handlebar design. However, this is a reasonable choice for people suffering from back pain or instead of posting publicly on the Road Bike.

In MTB with 2 lines is hardtail and full-suspension: The hard-tail is no shocks bikes behind, including rigid – i.e. vehicles used forks trimmer (not shrug), and front-suspension – News front parking shocks.

The purpose of dividing the hard-tail or soft-tail must be discussed in the MTB disciplines including XC, all-mountain, freeride, downhill … which is the XC and downhill popular.

– XC (cross-country) is moving bike discipline on the rugged terrain through the forest roads, trails … In general, the roads are bad, but the road is difficult to go – this is regarded as the easiest level of MTB disciplines.

– Downhill (downhill) is considered the highest level of MTB, as the name implies – the bow moving mostly descending over rough road Surfaces Mountain passes, forest … requires skills flying jump to avoid obstacles. Thus, based on the difficulty of each subject, the bike must be equipped with corresponding to each level. Hard-tail it appropriate to go XC, the increasing difficulty, the first full-suspension units will be more suitable.

3. Touring bike

This bike is able to go a long tour. Thistypehaslonger length than usual to create the smoothness and to carry more stuff than the others.



Such characteristics of the bike touring combination of characteristics: lightweight, momentum, surfing vehicle Road, rib wheel tires must be able to move on uneven roads very well. In addition, it is designed with unique characteristics suitable for touring.

4. Hybrid Bike (City Bike)

Is the combination of Road Bike (RB) and Mountain Bike (MB), if the majority of the distance traveled by bike you are short and flat roads. With slim frame design, smooth tires, Hybrid Electric Vehicle goes flow can go faster Bike MTB, with more comfortable sitting position RB.



Hybrid Bike is a good choice to go in the city at high speed, reliability and comfort.

5. BMX

This type of compact bike is less common and only for the young customers love adventure sports.


6. Fixed Gear

This is a new type of sports bike appeared in a few years, and it is quite popular among young people, even a movement.



Stemming from vehicles dedicated to cycling tests at Olympic Basin, Fixed Gear Bike minimalist design, omit all unnecessary accessories. The fixed bike can subtly call homogeneous bicycle, the bike has not mounted any kind in any form any brakes.